Stages of Development

~ Participatory Democracy – Introduction

  • OVERVIEW: of purpose, vision & process.
  • CASE STUDIES: showing examples of ideas into action
  • SDGs: Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • CLIMATE EMERGENCY: Overview of the declarations of Climate & Ecological Emergency
  • PIPs: Introduce several projects with proven social and ecological impact – proven impact projects (PIPs)

~ Our Priorities

  • PRIORITIES: Suggest and prioritise Ideas within your school
  • NOTIFICATIONS: Confirm your email and download the mobile app

~ Broadening Participation & Content Moderation

  • TEAM: Identify a small number of confident and competent students to form the “Participation Team” 
  • ADMINS: Teachers become Admins and receive training
  • STRATEGY: Develop strategy for whole-school involvement and assign actions for implementation.

~ Priorities into Volunteer Action Groups

  • PLEDGE: Student pledge commitment to “Action Group” for ideas that interest them.
  • PLAN: Action Groups discuss and develop an Action Plan for the idea
  • ASSIGN: Actions assigned and students supported by teachers to implement the Action Plans

~ Supporting Implementation & Sharing Experiences

  • SHARE: Students from schools all over the globe share their experiences, progress and challenges and support each other to progress their chosen ideas into action.
  • IMPROVE: Templates for proven-impact projects are updated with learning and new models.