Participation Teams

Broadening engagement with “Participation Teams”, they can use this 15 minute lesson plan as an aid when presenting to other students in class.

Session Format (15 mins)

  • Individual introductions (1 mins)
  • Introduction to Student Council / Learner Voice
  • Verbal introduction to VocalEyes (1 – 2 mins)
  • Introductions to the Topics of conversation (2 mins)
  • Summary of ideas and current priorities
  • Training – Log on, rate, debate and interact, help & support (5 mins)
  • Summary of current priorities / actions being taken 
  • Questions (5 mins)

Introduction (Given verbally by member of the Participation Team)

Introduction to your own processes for how Student Council / Learner Voice operate and how actions take place. Perhaps some examples of recent actions.

Introduction to VocalEyes (Given verbally by member of the Participation Team)

“VocalEyes is a tool for you to suggest, rate and debate ideas to improve things here at the school/college and in our local community. As an example, your ideas could be to improve your course, transport to and from the college, the food in the canteen or the facilities for instance.

By rating and debating each other’s ideas, this produces a clear set of priorities that can then be fed back to the relevant departments for consideration. Any actions taken are then fed back onto the system to keep everyone informed of progress being made.

Now I’m going to show you how to interact with this process for yourself..”

Training Tasks (5 mins)

  1. Locate the VocalEyes widget, login via Single Sign On or if you dont have one yet…
  2. Register & login via the website
  3. How to rate ideas and add comments
  4. Red notifications – challenge students to reduce their notifications to 0
  5. How to add ideas
  6. Adding images and videos to ideas
  7. View priorities
  8. How to view actions
  9. How to update your profile: username, password, verify email address, add postcode
  10. Download and log into the mobile app (search for vocaleyes – title says “Community Organising”
    Demo here



Use THIS PRESENTATION to guide students through the process.


  • IT suite or ipads
  • Good wifi
  • Projector and interactive whiteboard

Learning Outcomes

Participants, by the end of the session should be able to:

  1. What VocalEyes is and how it is used by students and student councils.
  2. How to access VocalEyes (via the intranet or email) and participate in the process.
  3. Basic features
  4. Understand what are the main Topics of conversation
  5. Flag content
  6. Gain basic knowledge in digital etiquette and digital citizenship
  7. Know where and how to seek help and support.
  8. Download the VocalEyes App

Pre-meeting checklist


  • Students have access to devices (tablets, iPads, Chromebooks etc.) required have been booked out for the session and are fully charged.
  • Ensure that the Sign Sign On widget is working OK on the intranet and Single Signs On users to their group.
  • You are then able to rate and comment on ideas. (Sometimes there can be browser restrictions such as JavaScript, that stop sites from working properly)
  • Someone from IT support available at the beginning of the day in case of any issues.
  • Training room is arranged with Tutor with good wifi, projector screen and laptop that is connected to the internet


  • Print out any relevant training materials