VocalEyes can be used for your meetings and events, taking notes and linking relevant content from other areas of your group to make it interactive and really easy for users to access the relevant information quickly.

Turn on the Events Module

First ensure the “Events” module is turned on.

  1. Go to the Manage Module page in Group Admin by clicking on the icon in the Modules bar
  2. Switch on the Events Module

Create Events / Meetings

  1. Navigate to the Group Homepage and click the Events tab
  2. Click Create Event.
    NB: Only Group Editors and Group Admins can create Events
  3. Give your event a title, description and set the start and end date/time

Add Meeting Notes & Link Content

  1. Click Add Note and set an Agenda for your meeting.
    NB. Try to set your Agenda from the priorities in the Ideas section
  2. Search for and link relevant content to make it easy for others to see why this item is being discussed
  3. Add new Notes for each point on the Agenda

All content within your group can be linked to your Notes