Below is an example of a schedule for a VocalEyes Democracy Day:

9.15am: Introduce the Democracy Day & VocalEyes in Assembly

  • Someone let the pupils/students know today will be a “Democracy Day”.
  • Ask the pupils/students to start thinking of good ideas to improve the school.
  • The VocalEyes team will be with them later to show them how to suggest, debate and prioritise them
  • Speak generally about democracy (or lack of it!

10.00 to 10.45am: VocalEyes Trainer Arrives – Meet and train School Council

  • Kick-start the conversation
  • The Student Council then stay with the facilitators for the day and take responsibility for teaching  each class.
  • Ensure a laptop, big screen with sound is available for online presentation and demonstration.
  • For Primary Schools – it is advised that you have intranet (i.e. Hwb) usernames and passwords available.

11 – 12 noon: First Democracy Session

  • Session with first class (i.e. Year 6)

12 – 1pm: Lunch

1 – 2.30pm: Democracy Sessions

  • Sessions with 2 more classes (i.e Year 5 & 4 – 45 mins in each)
  • Governors, councillors and other visitors might attended one of these sessions

2.30 – 3pm: Consolidate & Action

  • Finish and consolidate with School Council
  • Add this School Council meeting to “Events” and set the agenda from the priorities emerging
  • Add “Actions” to feedback on progress of ideas

You will need to ensure you have devices booked out for the day. Ideally one per pupil.

Here is a blog from a Democracy Day with Glyncollen Primary School in Swansea.

VocalEyes Democracy Day

VocalEyes Democracy Day