Below is an example of a schedule for a VocalEyes Democracy Day:


  • UNBLOCK Ask your IT lead to ensure the domain name is unblocked both for web access and email. See this guide
  • PARTICIPATION TEAM: Identify 4 of your brightest, most competent pupils to become trained as the school’s “Participation Team”. They need to be ready at 10am on the day and will ideally stay with the VocalEyes trainer for the day.
  • LAPTOPS/TABLETS: Book out enough devices for 1 per pupil in each session.
  • BIG SCREEN: Ensure a laptop, big screen with sound is available for online presentation and demonstration.
  • INTRANET LOGIN DETAILS: It is advised that you have intranet (i.e. Hwb) usernames and passwords available so pupils can use the same details when registering on VocalEyes, (although we will not be logging into any intranet).
  • CONSENT FORMS: If possible, it’s fantastic if we can capture capture some views and opinions on video. Please gain the necessary consent forms if required.

On the day:

9.15am: Introduce the Democracy Day & VocalEyes in Assembly

  • Someone let the pupils/students know today will be a “Democracy Day”.
  • Ask the pupils/students to start thinking of good ideas to improve the school and their community.
  • The VocalEyes team will be with them later to show them how to suggest, debate and prioritise their ideas.
  • Speak generally about democracy or lack of it!

10.00 to 10.30am: VocalEyes Trainer Arrives – Meet and train School’s “Participation Team”

  • Meet your “Participation Team”, (4 of your brightest, most competent pupils).
    NOTE: Only a small room required for this session, big enough for 6 and everyone will need a device.
  • Kick-start the conversation by suggesting, rating and debating the first ideas to improve the school.
  • Teach the Participation Team how to become Group Editors and moderate content.
  • The Participation Team then stay with the VocalEyes trainer for the day and share the responsibility for engaging each class.

10.30 – 12 noon: First Democracy Session (i.e. Yr 6)

  • Pupils discover ideas, rate and debate them and suggest their own.
  • Engage in 2 different groups, one for the school and another for their community.
  • Discover which community they live in and discuss local democracy.
  • Review priorities face to face and dialogue on ideas.
  • Train a staff member as Group Administrator

12 – 1pm: Lunch

1 – 2.30pm: Second Democracy Session (i.e. Yr 5)

  • As in first session.
    NOTE: You might like to invite Governors, councillors and other visitors might attended one of these sessions.

2.30 – 3.15pm: Consolidate & Action

  • Consolidate and review priorities with the Participation Team & Head Teacher and capture feedback on video.
  • Discuss priorities, plan, agree and actions and next steps.

Here is a blog from a Democracy Day with Glyncollen Primary School in Swansea.

VocalEyes Democracy Day

VocalEyes Democracy Day