Video Tutorial: Key features of the VocalEyes platform

Welcome to this video tutorial, brought to you by VocalEyes, Ideas into Action!

This video will guide you through some of the of the main key features of the VocalEyes platform. These include:

How to view topics
Rating, commenting and replying
How to add your own idea

For more information on VocalEyes and what we can do for you, visit

VocalEyes Basic User Guide – Login via Widget (Presentation)

For student training sessions

To be delivered by designated VocalEyes Trainers


Also see:

VocalEyes Lesson Plan (Document)

For student training sessions

To be delivered by designated VocalEyes Trainers


Dealing with inappropriate content on VocalEyes



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VocalEyes Widgets (for Public Groups)

All VocalEyes groups have widgets that can be embedded in other websites. These widgets show a list of ideas from the group and enable people to quickly link to the content on VocalEyes and engage.

If you’d like to embed a widget in your website i.e. WordPress, follow these steps:

group widget - public group

Here is an example of a live widget:

VocalEyes Widget Single Sign On (SSO)

VocalEyes provides a seamless Single Sign On integration with your intranet, whether that be Moodle, Sharepoint, Blackboard or any other application. Click the icon below for more information;


Community & Neighbourhood Planning

community voice

Digital Democracy
VocalEyes is designed to enable digital democracy and make it easier for us to engage as active citizens in decision making and informing policy makers.

Electoral Wards in Wales
Electoral Wards in Wales

Crowdsourcing Projects
In many cases, the best ideas identified via VocalEyes may well need people to make some level of commitment or contribute resources to bring the ideas to fruition. VocalEyes makes it easy to create “Projects” where the necessary resources and commitment can be crowdsourced.

For more information visit our Community Voice website